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Choose the right sperm donor for your future child

In your search for a sperm donor, you must consider which donor type is right for you. We vouch for our donors, both medically and personally.

Our donors are unique

At SellmerDiers we look at our donors in a human perspective. It is very important to us to get to know our donors well, and they are like friends of the family. Each of our donors is a human being with a unique personality and many special talents, and we can vouch for every single one of them.

Our donors give the greatest gift you can ever give. The great majority of our donors have become donors because they want to help others, and they have given it a lot of thought. Many of our donors are also blood donors.

We know our donors

It is very important to us that we have a thorough knowledge of our donors, their personality, interests and special abilities. We prioritise getting to know them well before they can join our donor program. Only 3-5% of all donor applicants get through the eye of the needle.

You can find a summary of our very personal impression of each donor in the “Staff impression” for each donor to give you the best possible conditions for choosing the right donor match.


We provide the highest-quality sperm for your chosen fertility treatment at a competitive price.

We offer our donor sperm for the following two treatment types:

  • Simple assisted insemination
  • Treatment at a clinic

In addition, we also offer:

  • Sperm storage
  • GeneMatch

Your stories

Today more than ever, diverse family constellations are becoming more and more common. We support all of them.

Parents become parents with each other

Solo moms by choice – a growing group

Creating a little miracle using donor sperm

We set a worldwide pregnancy limit per donor

We always have the future in mind when it comes to everything we do at SellmerDiers. Sperm banks vary greatly in their approach to pregnancy limits. Donors from some sperm banks can have several hundred offspring, also the ID-release donors who have committed themselves to a personal meeting with the donor children. We do not think that is fair to either the donor or the donor children.

Maximum 25 families per open donor worldwide

At SellmerDiers we of course adhere to the country-specific limits that apply in the countries to which we export. But in addition, we have also set a global pregnancy limit of 25 families for those of our donors where ID release is an option. We think this is the most responsible and most fair for everyone – donors, parents and children. It is important to us that our donors have a fair possibility to live up to their commitment to a personal contact with every single donor child.

Free access to our full donor profiles
A wide selection of ID-release and No ID-release donors
Pregnancy slots always free of charge
High quality of sperm and screenings
Only 25 families worldwide per open donor
Thorough and personal consultation throughout the process

Let us help you

In our Sales & Customer Service team, you will meet a small team of people who are first and foremost experts in people.

They talk to and guide our clients every single day in everything from donor selection to the different donor categories, they explain our screening processes from A-Z and answer questions about what type of donor sperm is suitable for which kind of treatment and more.

Whether by email or telephone, the keyword is always presence. We meet you where you are, and we guide you all the way.

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