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We have been there ourselves
Co-founder of SellmerDiers, Liza Diers, and several of our staff are donor parents themselves. Most likely, we have had the same considerations and questions as you have right now. We have experienced bodily what really matters in the process of having a donor child. Therefore, we believe that we can provide the most knowledgeable, personal and compassionate guidance on your parenthood journey.


We know our donors
We find it very important to fully get to know our donors’ personality and unique gifts. We know that personality and internal values are extremely important parameters in the process of choosing the perfect match for exactly your family. We give high priority to several in-person interviews with the donor – and a criminal record check – as part of our screening. The donors we pick for our program are all young men with likeable character traits, and at the same time their personalities are multifarious.


We are a team of skilled professionals
Our staff are all skilled professionals with broad and long-standing scientific and hands-on experience in fertility treatment, donor candidate screening and optimizing sperm quality.


We set a worldwide pregnancy limit per donor
Sperm banks vary greatly in their approach to pregnancy limits. Donors from some sperm banks can have several hundred offspring, also the ID-release donors who have committed themselves to at personal meeting with the donor children. That is not fair to neither the donor nor the donor children, we think. SellmerDiers adhere to country-specific limits for donors who get distributed internationally, and we set a worldwide maximum for our donors where ID-release is a possibility.  It is important to us that our donors have a fair possibility to live up to their commitment to a personal contact with every single donor child in 18 years. We put a lot of emphasis on informing our donors of what is expected of them and what they can expect in 18 years.


We support diverse family constellations
We embrace diversity in our world, and our goal is to provide ethical family building options for it. We believe that any woman or couple – single, lesbian or heterosexual – should be able to achieve pregnancy. We do our best to provide a supportive and nonjudgmental environment that speak to the specific concerns of single parents, lesbian couples and heterosexual couples etc.


We set high standards concerning quality, safety and professionalism
Our scientific approach with a human touch will ensure that you get donor sperm of the best quality. We know that the quality of the donor sperm is of extreme importance to our customers. We adhere strictly to the guidance of the Danish Health Authority, the Danish Patient Safety Authority and all EU regulations regarding sperm banking, laboratory processes and traceability. SellmerDiers is licensed as a tissue center by the Danish Patient Safety Authority.


We think about the future
We are always considering the future in how we handle all aspects of our sperm bank: Screening, sperm quality, service, traceability and shipping, as well as the ethical issues concerning the donors, the mothers/parents and donor children. To us, it is important to always do our utmost and to treat people in the best possible way – both before and after the conception.

I would like to become a donor because I like the thought of helping families that are not capable of having children themselves. I like the thought of making a difference in the world. Quote by Robb

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