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Explore This page is for whoever has a donor child or is on their way to starting this wonderful and exciting life as donor parents. Here you can find answers to the questions you may have, listen to the stories of other donor children and parents, ask big or small questions or create your own unique book for your donor child.


About originated from a few employees at SellmerDiers Sperm Bank, who have donor children themselves. They are often asked questions about the life of a donor parent – and they have also debated the many considerations and questions that are probably occupying you right now. They themselves needed information about the topic and have therefore created this website together where you can receive answers to your questions.


Make your own donor book – only on
Tell your child how they came to this world. You create your own unique book that can be read aloud to your child again and again. The book can give your child answers to the many questions they may have. You can for e.g, take the book with you to the kindergarten to be read aloud so that friends can have more of an understanding about what it means to have a donor.


More about the donor book


Meet Aksel and Esther
Aksel and Esther tell in short movies about their lives as donor children. Watch the inspiring and funny short movies alone or together with your child.


It is my wish to help people, who can’t have children without the help from others. Quote by Strong

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