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For your safety, Danish law requires that a licensed healthcare professional in your country is responsible for the traceability of the sperm units in the unlike event of the sperm carrying an infectious or genetic disease. Therefore, you must provide us with a signed Simple Insemination Shipping Authorization Form from a certified healthcare professional* in your country for us to be able to ship sperm units to you.

*) For instance a doctor, a nurse, a midwife, a nursing aide, a healthcare assistant, a physiotherapist, a dentist, bioanalyst, a medical laboratory technician etc.

If you are healthcare professional yourself  – you can also fill out the form.

Please, download the Simple Insemination Shipping Authorization Form, ask your healthcare professional to fill it out. Then you upload the Authorization Form and a copy of your ID – you can upload it at the bottom of this page. Orders to be delivered after 1st. of July 2018, will not delivered before we have received the form.

Download the form here: Simple Insemination Shipping Authorization Form

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