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Once you have decided to start a family you must also consider which method of conception is the best for you. This choice is highly individual and may imply both medical and emotional considerations.

  • Treatment at a clinic is for women who are not aware of any fertility issues.
  • When having treatment at a clinic, IUI with donor sperm may be one of the routes to go.
  • The IUI treatment consists of the insemination of the purified sperm cells ((IUI units) directly into the uterus through a catheter. This increases the likelihood of a larger amount of sperm cells reaching the egg, thereby increasing the chance of pregnancy.
  • If your clinic prefers to wash the unpurified sperm units themselves, you can also use ICI units for your treatment. Please consult your clinic regarding which type they prefer.
  • Before you settle on treatment at a clinic, we recommend you read Some important things to keep in mind.
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