Simple assisted insemination
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To increase traceability and thus manage the number of pregnancies from each donor, Danish legislation requires that an approved tissue centre, a fertility clinic, a hospital clinic, or a licensed healthcare professional* in your country is the recipient of the distribution.


Therefore, you must fill out a shipping authorization form, which has been signed by one of the above stated institutions/persons.


Only for customers within the EU (and for tissue centers in the UK)


Ordering for simple assisted insemination with an authorized healthcare professional of your choice:


  1. Download Shipping authorization form
  2. Fill out the form and get an authorized healthcare professional* or a clinic to sign it.
  3. Make a copy of your ID. For instance, your passport or driver’s license.
  4. Chose a donor and proceed to checkout.
  5. The last step is to upload the shipping authorization form, a copy of your ID and a copy of your authorized healthcare professional’s latest pay check, a copy of his/her license to practice medicine or professional permit.


*) For instance, a certified doctor, a nurse or a midwife. If you are a licensed healthcare professional yourself, you can also fill out the form – acknowledging that you do so in the act of your profession with the responsibilities it entails.


If you are having problems ordering online, you can place your order at Please send us the required documents per e-mail as well.



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