Simple assisted insemination with ICI units
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How to order for simple assisted insemination


Once you have decided to start a family you must also consider which method of conception is the best for you. This choice is highly individual and may imply both medical and emotional considerations.

  • It is important that you feel comfortable, relaxed and free of stress during the conception. Some women need to be treated in a fertility clinic. For others this may not be necessary.
  • For women free of fertility issues, simple assisted insemination is an alternative to fertility treatment in a clinic. By choosing this kind of insemination, you reduce both the stress and the cost associated with going to a clinic for the procedure.
  • Simple assisted insemination is for anyone who prefers to perform the insemination in a more comfortable environment than at a clinic. The process requires that you involve an authorized healthcare professional* to assist the insemination. You must provide contact information for the healthcare professional when ordering the donor sperm.
  • It is a fact that pregnancy rates are not as high with this method compared to fertility treatment in a clinic. However, many women choose to make self-treatment a starting point in their journey towards parenthood, and many do find success.
  • Before you settle on simple assisted insemination, we recommend you read Some important things to keep in mind.

*) For instance, a certified doctor, a nurse or a midwife. If you are a licensed healthcare professional yourself, you can also fill out the form – acknowledging that you do so in the act of your profession with the responsibilities it entails.


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