IUI donor sperm
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  • IUI units are primarily prepared for treatments where the donor sperm is inseminated directly into the uterus (IntraUterine Insemination) at a fertility clinic.
  • In our laboratory, we process the donor sperm so that the natural sperm tissue along with the dead, unusable sperm cells and other cells are removed, to which we add a preservative that makes it possible to freeze the sperm but also provides the unit with the optimal pH.
  • When your clinic receives the IUI units, the sperm is ready for use, and does not need further processing before insemination. The donor sperm is placed directly into the uterus during ovulation by passing a catheter through the cervical canal. Through this procedure, more sperm cells can reach the egg in the fallopian tubes and consequently more sperm is available for fertilisation.
  • IUI treatments are recommended for women who are not aware of any fertility issues. Clinics often prefer to use IUI straws for this type of insemination.
  • We always recommend purchasing MOT20+ straws for IUI treatments, as this increases the chance of pregnancy.
  • To be sure that the donor is still available for you throughout your treatment, as well as for siblings later, we recommend that you consider purchasing sperm units before your treatment and store them in a Donor Storage Account in our sperm bank. Please see Storage Options.
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