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  • ICI (IntraCervical Insemination) are used for vaginal insemination, where the donor sperm is placed high in the vagina, close to the cervix. ICI units contain all the natural ejaculate fluid and cells. The cervix and cervical fluid will only let the highly motile sperm cells into the uterus and fallopian tubes, just as it would through natural intercourse.
  • ICI sperm must be washed at the clinic before being used for intrauterine insemination as only the sperm cells can be placed inside the uterus. Otherwise, unwashed sperm placed directly into the uterus may cause severe allergic reactions.
  • Please note that when an ICI unit is purified by the clinic the quality (MOT) will drop. Therefore, we advise you to discuss with your clinic which unit type is best suited for your treatment before placing the order.
  • Intracervical insemination is an option that is very well suited for women with a healthy cycle who prefer the option of a treatment in a more intimate/private atmosphere of their gynecologist’s practice instead of a fertility clinic.
  • To increase traceability and manage the number of pregnancies from each donor, Danish legislation requires that an approved tissue centre, a fertility clinic, a hospital clinic, or a gynecologist in your country is the recipient of the distribution.
  • Therefore, you and your gynecologist must fill out a shipping authorization form, which has been signed by one of the above stated institutions/persons.
  • The clinic or gynecologist is also be responsible for reporting any pregnancy to the sperm bank and for the traceability of the sperm units in the unlike event of the sperm carrying an infectious or genetic disease.
  • Please contact us via the form below or at salg@sellmerdiers.dk for guidance on this treatment option.
  • For UK customers: Please note that we are only allowed to ship to HFEA-approved clinics, which hold an import license for SellmerDiers Sperm Bank
  • To be sure that the donor is still available for you throughout your treatment, as well as for siblings later, we recommend that you consider purchasing sperm units before your treatment and store them in a Donor Storage Account at our sperm bank. Please see Storage Options.

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