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Secure your future family

Once you have found the perfect donor match it can be both frustrating and disappointing to find out that your donor is no longer available. And it can be even heartbreaking to realize that your donor child will never have genetic siblings because your donor has sold out.


We recommend that you purchase sperm units before starting your treatment and store them in a storage account at SellmerDiers:

  • To ensure that your donor of choice is available for multiple cycles, until you become pregnant
  • To avoid having to change donor in the middle of a treatment
  • To ensure the possibility of having genetic siblings in the future

If you want to get the sperm units delivered more than 30 days after buying it, you have to store them.


Please note! When storing sperm, the donor might reach your country’s specific limit or SellmerDiers’ worldwide limit regarding the number of children allowed per donor. Should this happen, it will not be possible to use the donor sperm. In that case we offer to exchange your sperm units in storage to units from another donor, or to buy them back at 75% of the purchase price.


Right of use
If you want to ensure that the donor does not reach the pregnancy limit of 25 children worldwide until you have obtained pregnancy, you might consider also buying a Right of use, when buying sperm units.


You can buy a Right of use at some of our donors in the categories “ID release”


A Right of use gives you the right to use the donor for fertility treatment until you have obtained pregnancy. So, we reserve one of the 25 pregnancies worldwide exclusively for you.


The sperm bank only releases very few Rights of use per donor. A Right of use can only be purchased if you also buy or have donor sperm units in storage of that donor.


A Right of use cannot be sold back, unless the donor is permanently blocked.


How to start a storage
You can make your storage, when buying the units here on our homepage. Put the units you want to buy in the basket and click on “Delivery Method”:

  • “For storage”
  • Number of months to store – 3 or 12 months or “I already have a sperm storage”

You can always extend your storage. Just contact us at


How to buy a Right of use
If you want to buy this exclusive product, please contact us by e-mail.


Please see details about our pricing.


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