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A Known Donor, also termed a Directed Donor, is a client whose sperm is stored for a designated recipient who is not his sexually intimate partner or spouse (e.g. a friend). The donor knows the identity of the recipient and the recipient knows the identity of the donor.


SellmerDiers provides optimum and secure testing and storage options and facilities for those of our clients that have decided to grow a family with a Known Donor.


To ensure the safety of the recipient and the offspring in the best possible way, Danish law requires extensive screening and testing of Known Donors that are similar to the screening of the donors in SellmerDiers’ donor catalogue. For more information, please read How we select and screen our donors. However, a Directed Donor’s sperm quality, regarding e.g. sperm count and thaw ability, can be somewhat lower than that tolerated with the donors in our donor catalogue where the sperm selection criteria are extremely high. This may result in lower pregnancy rates compared to the donors in our donor catalogue.


It is our experience that the use of a Known Donor requires clarification of more medical, legal, social and familial issues and dilemmas than using a donor from our donor catalogue. Therefore, SellmerDiers highly recommends that both the Known Donor and the recipient obtain appropriate legal, medical and psychological assistance prior to implementation of the Known Donor procedures.


Before we begin the Known Donor sperm collection and storage process please contact us for further information, and then to request the required paperwork be e-mailed to you. Once all the required paperwork has been filled out by both the recipient and the Known Donor and returned to SellmerDiers, please call and make an appointment for screening/testing and the account set sp.

My girlfriend and I have felt the pain of not being able to achieve pregnancy. I know how hard and difficult it can be, so I really want to help where I can. Quote by Jordan

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