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About Sullivan

Sullivan is 188 cm tall and weighs 78 kg. He has blue eyes and blond hair. Sullivan works as a waiter at a Coffeeshop, and he plans to study building design at the University very soon. He describes himself as musical, adventurous and sensitive.


Eye colorBlue
Hair colorBlond
Height188 cm
Weight78 kg
Education Engineering and Technology
Blood typeA RhD pos
Race Caucasian
Reported pregnancy No

Staff impression

Sullivan is a modern explorer. He loves to push himself to the limit and taking on new challenges. When Sullivan is afraid of something, he wants to overcome this fear and face the danger. Despite his young age, Sullivan has a lot of life experience, and he always stays true to himself. Sullivan has already experienced more than most people do throughout a whole lifetime.

When Sullivan took a Sabbatical, he travelled to Southeast Asia all by himself. When planning the trip, he only booked a one-way ticket, and he soon found himself standing in a pulsating, Asian city with no company but his own. In that moment he realized that every door stood open, and that it was now up to him to decide, how the next chapter of his life would turn out. Sullivan gained a lot of amazing experiences on this trip, but he also faced some challenged along the way. For instance, he met an Indonesian band, which he joined. Together, they travelled to a lot of different places to give benefit concerts. The money they earned was later donated to the victims of a large volcanic eruption. Sullivan gained a lot of close friends along the way.

Sullivan lives by the following mantra: “Live in the now, stay true to yourself, love and let others love you.” He likes that life doesn’t always turns out as planned. However, this doesn’t mean that Sullivan makes hasty decisions. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, as Sullivan’s decisions are always well thought out. He is merely someone who likes to take one day at a time, seize the opportunities that life presents to him, and not plan to far ahead.

Sullivan has many interests. He invests in shares, is interested in interior design, he likes CrossFit, and it means a lot to him, that his flat is always clean and tidy.

Sullivan is very musical. He plays several instruments and has a beautiful singing voice. This is a talent that runs in the family. Sullivan often meets up with friends for a fine jam-session, and he likes to explore new instruments.

Sullivan doesn’t have to hide behind his actor look-alike, Josh Hutcherson, as he is every bit as attractive as the famous actor. The two men look chokingly similar. Both have an edgy face form and a sharp jawline. The biggest difference between the two is that Sullivan’s blue eyes and blond hair give him a more Nordic look.

Sullivan is a very social person. He has a large circle of friends, which, along with his family, mean everything to him. If one of his friends need a place to sleep, Sullivan always offers them shelter at his apartment.
Sullivan describes himself as very sensitive. He is not afraid of showing his feelings and often cries when a movie is sad or exceptionally good. The same goes for concerts. When the music or the atmosphere touches him, he gives vent to his feelings.

All this means that Sullivan takes your heart by storm. He always stays 100% true to himself, and it would never occur to him to change or behave differently in order to please other people. It is almost impossible not to like Sullivan, as he is an extremely inspiring, young man.

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