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About Strong

Strong has blue eyes and light brown hair. He is 177 cm in height and weighs 81 kg. Strong describes himself as extrovert and healthy. Strong studies Sports Science at the university.


Eye colorBlue
Hair colorLight Brown
Height177 cm
Weight81 kg
Education Health, Medicine and Social
Blood typeA RhD pos
Race Caucasian
Reported pregnancy No

Staff impression

Have you seen Strong’s adorable baby pictures? This happy smile has the power to melt every woman’s heart. Nothing about his smile and the cheerfulness that he shows in these pictures has changed over the years, and this is something that we benefit from when he comes by the clinic. Yes, Strong is indeed a fantastic, young man with a bright mind and a large appetite for everything that life has to offer.

Strong loves working out. Especially in combination with fresh air, and he is very fond of a wide range of water sports activities like kite surfing, swimming and kayaking. Also, he enjoys climbing, running and CrossFit. Strong wishes to incorporate his passion for sports in his future career and therefore studies Sports Science at the University.

Empathy and social skills are keywords when it comes to donor, Strong. He is someone, who you instantly want to befriend. It comes very natural to him to act openly around other people, and he always asks about the wellbeing of the clinic’s employees when he comes by. Strong has a big circle of friends, and according to himself, he gains energy and inspiration from being around other people. This inspiration often pushes him to face new challenges.

This means that Strong’s life is far from boring. For example, Strong is a member of a Gentlemen’s club, which consists of a large number of film enthusiasts. Also, he is a talented chef and member of a cooking club, which prepares both gourmet meals and more low-key dishes, which are suitable for a hectic weekday. Last, but not least, he loves to dance.

Strong has put a lot of thought into becoming a donor, and it has taken him several years to come to a decision. His mother works as a senior physician and it was actually her, who encouraged him to become a sperm donor. Strong explains that he has not been ready to make the decision before now. In his opinion, it is a very large decision, which should be well considered and therefore deserves time to think. To him it is crucial that he has a healthy lifestyle and is completely healthy, as he wants to pass on something truly valuable. Out of fairness to the future child, Strong sees it as an implicitness to be an ID-release donor.

Without any doubt, Strong is one of the most attractive donors that we have to offer. He is an incredibly handsome guy with a strong, masculine aura. He has a trained body with brought shoulders and prominent, trained upper arms. His body clearly shows that he is engaging in a lot of physical activities. His facial features are very masculine as well. His face form is edgy and he has a marked jaw and high cheekbones. As mentioned before, his smile is unique and reveals a perfect, white set of teeth. Also, Strong’s eyes are kind and dark blue.

If Strong sound like a donor, which you could be interested in, we would like to recommend that you read his donor letter, as it gives an even deeper insight on the many qualities he has to offer.

Why do you want to be a donor:

Because it is my wish to help people, who can’t have children without the help from others.

All my life I have always made a special effort to help others, and I consider becoming a donor a true honor Quote by Meyer

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Donorletter (DK)

Donorletter (ENG)

Dear Upcoming Parents,
Enjoy the time with your precious child, it will most probably be the best time of your life. I am sure that your child is going to be a little sunshine.
I am sending a lot of positive and happy thoughts your way.
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