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About Sherwood

Donor Sherwood is 182 cm in height and weighs 130 kg. He has green eyes and brown hair. He is studying to become a sign language interpreter. He describes himself as creative, warm and open.


Eye colorGreen
Hair colorBrown
Height182 cm
Weight130 kg
Education Arts
Sales and Communication
Blood type0 RhD pos
Race Caucasian
Reported pregnancy No

Staff impression

Sherwood is an all-around kind-hearted person. He describes himself as a hugging teddy bear with a heart that beats warmly for helping others. We believe, that description is just spot-on. A warm hug from Sherwood will indeed make you feel in good, safe hands. Sherwood radiates brotherliness, peace of mind and great mental strength.

Here at the clinic, we find Sherwood to be a very special individual. With his empathic nature and warm heart, he possesses the ability to really see other people and instinctively be there for them when they need it. Sherwood knows when you need a funny, cheering remark that can make you laugh - and also when you just need a shoulder to lean on.

Unselfish, is also a word that comes to mind, when thinking of Sherwood. He is dedicated to voluntary work, and with his spirit for giving, he always lends a hand and puts in a great effort, when it is needed. For instance, Sherwood works as a volunteer teacher for refugees, teaching them the Danish language. Last summer, he spent his summer holidays working in a summer camp for children with special needs. Yes, Sherwood is indeed able to see beyond his own nose, and he often puts others before himself.

Naturally, Sherwood has chosen an education where he can use his great interpersonal skills and make a difference for other people. He is educating to become a sign language interpreter.

Apart from being occupied with his education and his voluntary work, Sherwood is very creatively talented, and he both plays the bas and the guitar. Sherwood plays in an upcoming band which has quite a lot of fans in Denmark already who faithfully show up when the band plays concerts across the country. At the moment, Sherwood and his band are working on a breakthrough for their music abroad.

Sherwood is also very fond of films, and he enjoys using his creative skills for making his own films. Sherwood has a passion for the cinema scene, and he gets lots of inspiration by watching all different kinds of films.

When it comes to looks, Sherwood resembles a big, good-natured, huggable teddy bear. He has the nicest green eyes, soft expressive hands and smooth brown hair. Sherwood simply radiates pure kindness.

If you are searching for a donor with music and creativity in his genes, and with a vista that goes way beyond his own nose tip, then you need to look no further - Sherwood could very well be the donor for you.

Why do you want to be a donor:

To help people who needs something I can help with. I know people who haven’t been able to conceive, so they used donor semen, and when I saw how happy they were with their choice, I thought that if I could possibly help someone who couldn’t conceive, I had to help.

All my life I have always made a special effort to help others, and I consider becoming a donor a true honor Quote by Meyer

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Hey there,
I thought I would share with you the best advice I ever had.
Find the things in life that truly make you happy - wether it is playing music, doing maths or something completely different - and then figure out how you can make a living from it.
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