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About Sharpe

Sharpe is 192cm tall and weighs 95kg. He has dark brown hair and blue eyes. He describes himself as an active sportsman, as honest and good with other people.


Eye colorBlue
Hair colorDark Brown
Height192 cm
Weight95 kg
Education Teaching
Blood type0 RhD pos
Race Caucasian
Reported pregnancy No

Staff impression

Sharpe is indeed a talented sportsman. He is tall, muscular and plays a team ball game on a professional level. Sharpe has played for as long as he remembers and comes from a sport’s enthusiastic family. Sharpe basically grew up in a gymnasium, and his sister plays a team ball game on a very high level as well.

As Sharpe loves his sport, he puts a lot of time into the ball. When he isn’t at a training session or a game, he is an enterprising fellow, who gladly volunteers to plan fun and social events. Therefore, Sharpe is a member of the party committee at his sports club. Sharpe has a really entertaining humor and is always in a good mood. He enjoys the spotlight and often entertains his fellow teammates with his fun stories, comments and behavior. When it comes to playing the game on the other hand, Sharpe is always ready to follow the orders of others.

Sharpe is a serious and dedicated, young man. It is his dream to get to play for one of the big European sports clubs one day, and he is putting blood, sweat and tears into achieving this goal. Also, Sharpe thinks a lot about the career he wants to pursue, when one day he isn’t longer able to be a professional sportsman. He is realistic and very mature. He knows that he won´t be able to pay the bills from his sports career forever. Therefore, Sharpe studies to become a teacher. Even though it is extremely hard to balance both his sports career and his studies, Sharpe works hard on succeeding with both. He dreams about becoming a teacher at a boarding school in order to inspire young people to exercise regularly and pursue their dreams. We firmly believe that Sharpe is going to make one heck of a teacher.

Sharpe loves to be around people and has a lot of empathy. It means the world to him that his family, his friends, and his teammates are well. He really cares about every single one of them and would do almost anything to help them. This is also the reason why he became a sperm donor. He tells us that it would make him incredibly sad if here were in the situation of not being able to have kids, and nobody would want to help him.

Sharpe has an unusually trimmed body, which can only belong to a professional athlete. You can see every single muscle on his almost 2-meter-tall body. The big, honest, blue eyes, which you can see in his baby pictures, are still characteristic for his facial expression. He has long, beautiful lashes and dark, marked eyebrows. Sharpe has full lips and slightly protruding ears, which makes him even more charming. There is no doubt that Sharpe is attracting a lot of female attention when he walks down the street.

If your idea of an ideal donor is a successful, professional sportsman with a big heart, beautiful eyes and highly evolved social skills, then we would recommend that you take a closer look at donor, Sharpe.

Why do you want to be a donor:

The thought of being able to help other people makes me very happy. I want to help people becoming parents.

All my life I have always made a special effort to help others, and I consider becoming a donor a true honor Quote by Meyer

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