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About Nichols

Nichols has blue eyes and blond hair. He is 181 cm in height and weighs 80 kg. He has become a donor because he wants to help people. He is studying to become a kindergarten teacher.


Eye colorBlue
Hair colorBlond
Height181 cm
Weight80 kg
Education Teaching
Blood typeB RhD pos
Race Caucasian
Reported pregnancy Yes

Staff impression

Nichols is the kindest guy you can imagine. He is helpful and very altruistic. Besides being a sperm donor he is also a blood donor and signed up as an organ donor.

He has good looks and really nice eyes. He has a good sense of humor, and he is very talkative. The staff loves when he comes by.

There was no doubt in Nichols' mind that he wanted to be an open donor and give the child the opportunity to ask him questions about his or her heritage.

We can only give donor Nichols our very best recommendations.

Why do you want to be a donor:

I want to help parents who can't make kids on their own. Just the feeling of being a part of the process is enough for me.

All my life I have always made a special effort to help others, and I consider becoming a donor a true honor Quote by Meyer

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Donorletter (DK)

Donorletter (ENG)

I want you to know that I am truly honoured to be able to help you. This opportunity that I have been given – that I can help you with one of the biggest things in life – is an unbelievable feeling.

I hope and believe that my gift to you will bring you joy and happiness.

All the best!
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