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About Neuer

Neuer has blue eyes and dark blond hair. He is 180 cm in height and weighs 72 kg. He describes himself as disciplined and a quick learner. He plans to study anatomy and physiology.


Eye colorBlue/Green
Hair colorDark Blond
Height180 cm
Weight72 kg
Education Student
Blood typeA RhD pos
Race Caucasian
Reported pregnancy Yes

Staff impression

Neuer is a young man of partly Greenlandic ancestry. His grandmother is Greenlander, so Neuer is one quarter Greenlander and three quarters Danish. He has nice, thick, dark blonde hair and a very captivating and charming smile which can melt many Greenlandic icebergs. However, Neuer’s Danish genes are far the most prominent in his looks. They are for instance reflected in his clear, blue-green eyes and light skin tone.

Neuer is an excellent BMX rider - among the best freestyle BMX riders in Denmark.  It has cost him blood, sweat and tears to reach this level. Neuer possesses an inspiring self-control and self-discipline. He is dedicated, and he lives strictly according to his own principles. For instance, he never touches cigarettes, alcohol or sugar.

Neuer loves playing the guitar, and he also practices various kinds of martial arts. He is well built and very supple and strong with wide, round shoulders.

No doubt, Neuer has got something special. Both in his looks and in his personality, he is one of a kind. We would describe him as a real street urchin in the best sense of the word. Neuer goes his own way, and does not let himself be tamed. An extremely cool guy with a wonderful, compelling charm.

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