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Donor type Donor's decision in 18 years

About Miles

Miles has blue eyes and dark red hair. He is 185 cm in height and weighs 82 kg. He describes himself as obliging, down-to-earth, and loving. He works as a Sales Manager.


Eye colorBlue
Hair colorRed
Height185 cm
Weight82 kg
Education Sales and Communication
Blood typeA RhD pos
Race Caucasian
Reported pregnancy Yes

Staff impression

Donor Miles is a purposeful and ambitious man. Despite his young age, Miles already has a management position in a big international company within the retail business. Miles loves his job and talks about it with a special enthusiasm in his voice.

Miles possesses a strong creative energy, and he is very interested in decorating and styling. This also reflects in his always trendy clothing. He dreams of being able to combine his creative skills and his managerial skills in his future career.

As he likes travelling and experiencing other cultures, Miles would not mind having a career abroad. Actually, he has already planned a posting stay in one of his company’s departments abroad.

In other words, Miles is a man with great skills and dreams, and with his future fully planned.

However, he is so much more than that. Miles is the most positive human being, you can imagine. His always sunny disposition puts a smile at our faces every time he stops by the clinic. We believe that Miles’ family and friends are very lucky to have him in their lives. He is such a sincere personality with a special ability to make others look at the bright side of life.

Miles is also an active sportsman. In his spare time, he does CrossFit and also enjoys running. The active and healthy lifestyle is clearly visible on Miles’ body. He has an athletic built and broad shoulders. Additional to his masculine expression, Miles is a handsome and tall man with the most gorgeous, well-groomed, red hair.

Why do you want to be a donor:

To help others/families fulfilling their dreams.

All my life I have always made a special effort to help others, and I consider becoming a donor a true honor Quote by Meyer

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Alex Mackenzie

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Donorletter (ENG)

I am a 21-year-old guy who appreciates the simple pleasures in life. I spend a lot of time on my career, but I also find the time to be with my friends and family whom I love. I grew up in a small society, therefore I take good care of everything and everybody close to me. Still to this very day, I am closely connected to my childhood friends.

Moreover, I love travelling and exploring other cultures. I have travelled a lot in India, Mexico and the Indian islands.

Should I put some words on my personality, I would describe myself as a very loving, smiling and caring person, and I am conscious about my strengths and weaknesses.
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