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Donor type Donor's decision in 18 years

About Lake

Lake has green eyes and dark brown hair. He is 184 cm in height and weighs 70 kg. He describes himself as a thoughtful person who is at peace with himself. He has a Master’s degree in Finance and International Business.


Eye colorBrown
Hair colorDark Brown
Height184 cm
Weight70 kg
CMV Status POS
Education Office and Finance
Blood typeA RhD pos
Race Caucasian
Reported pregnancy No

Staff impression

The words that best describe donor Lake are laid-back, bright and charming.

Lake likes to talk, and he seems very attentive and sharp. Lake is the kind of guy that remembers the conversation we had the last time he was in the clinic and continues it the next time he comes by, asking follow-up questions. He is always very profound and thoughtful.

It soon became clear to us that Lake is smarter than most people. According to Mensa’s official test his IQ is in the top 3 % of the population. This also reflects in his academic education in Finance and International Business that he has just finished with excellent grades. He tells us that in his final project he has made pioneering research within the subject business economics. We are quite certain that he is an up-coming star in the business world.

Although we are sure that Lake knows what he wants and goes for it, he still seems very relaxed and at peace with himself.

Lake is close connected to his family and has some wonderful childhood memories from summer holidays where he often went hiking in the mountains of France together with his family.

In addition, Lake is very handsome, almost model-like. All in all, Lake is an extremely attractive individual who has got the entire package.

Lake has nice formed, kissable lips, and there is a cheeky sparkle in his chocolate brown eyes. His brown eyes and hair form an attractive contrast to the fairness of his skin.

Lake dresses in a casual and trendy way, and his body shape is masculine with broad shoulders.

Lake does not think he resembles the American actor Johnny Depp, except on the beard. We do not agree with him. Lake’s facial features actually look quite similar to those of Johnny Depp when he was younger. In the photos of a young Johnny Depp, we have found there is a striking likeness between him and Lake.

Why do you want to be a donor:

I believe it’s a beautiful thing to help someone start a family, as well I get compensated for doing so.

I’m sure that you will be the right parents and give the little new baby, love, care and all opportunities in life. Quote by Armstrong

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