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Nick Denbeigh

Donorletter (DK)

Donorletter (ENG)

Dear family,

To many people, I guess it is a difficult decision to decide to donate your genes. But to me it wasn’t.

In my own family, we have experienced the sorrows of not being able to create a little life by ourselves as we so deeply wish.

My girlfriend can’t get pregnant by herself due to illness and has been undergoing fertility treatment during the past 7 years. At the time of writing, a little life is growing inside her, and our happiness is indescribable. Our little family is going to be composed of the two of us, my daughter from a past relationship, who has brought me so much happiness, and our little son who we are expecting in six months.

You deserve this happiness too. I am unbelievable grateful to get the opportunity to help you, just like someone helped us achieving pregnancy. I wish you nothing but happiness.

And to you, little life - your parents’ child,

I hope you will get everything you wish for in life. I hope you will catch adventures and accept challenges and grow rich in memories and people.

I believe that it’s important to many people to know where they’re from. To look at someone with the same genes as themselves. And if that should be the case for you, I have chosen to leave opportunity for contact.

So, if one day you or your parents feel a need of knowing who I am, you will have the opportunity.

Best wishes of a good life.
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