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About Guzman

Guzman has blue/green eyes and blonde hair. He is 170 cm in height and weighs 63 kg. He works as a tradesman.


Eye colorBlue/Green
Hair colorBlond
Height170 cm
Weight63 kg
Education Sales and Communication
Blood type0 RhD pos
Race Caucasian
Reported pregnancy Yes

Staff impression

Guzman has a really pleasant personality and our staff enjoys being around him. His kind remarks and smiling face are very much appreciated by our staff. When thinking about Guzman it is especially his sense of humour and the mischievous twinkle in his eyes that come to mind. His mixture of boyish charm and masculinity can sweep many girls off their feet, we believe.

Guzman is a handsome man with an athletic expression and attractive facial features supported by nice blue-green eyes and blonde hair.

Donor Guzman is an artisan and he loves to use his body and his hands when working. He usually comes by the clinic in a break from work or on his way home from work. It is obvious that he has a flair for craftsmanlike tasks.

Guzman enjoys helping and supporting others, and he finds it very meaningful to do voluntary social work. In his spare time, he trains a group of vulnerable young people, and he is also a mentor for young at risk. He has a fantastic appreciative approach to the young people, and he benefits just as much from their relation as the young do.


All my life I have always made a special effort to help others, and I consider becoming a donor a true honor Quote by Meyer

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