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About George

George has blue eyes and blond hair. He is 182 cm in height and weighs 80 kg. He studies to become an educationist.


Eye colorBlue
Hair colorBlond
Height182 cm
Weight80 kg
CMV Status POS
Education Teaching
Blood typeA RhD pos
Race Caucasian
Reported pregnancy No

Staff impression

Donor George is a polite and positive young man. He seemed quiet at first, but on closer acquaintance, we have realized that George is a unique personality with so many interesting thoughts and plans for his life.

George’s social commitment is extraordinary; he has a burning passion for helping the socially deprived and vulnerable in our society.

George seems ambitious and targeted. He is studying to become a social educator with the goal to start a home for vulnerable children who are orphans or cannot live at home with their parents. George obviously has leaderships skills and seems to be very empathic and a good listener, so we believe he would do an excellent job as a leader of a children’s home.

George is fond of music and plays the guitar himself. Furthermore, he loves good food, and he enjoys spending time in the kitchen cooking a delicious dinner.

George keeps his body in good shape by playing football. He also likes participating in the physically and mentally demanding Obstacle Course Races (OCR). OCR is a sport in which you must overcome various physical challenges and obstacles similar to the ones used in military training.

George has a friendly face with nice eyes and clean, classical masculine features. His facial features are quite similar to the ones of the actor Jude Law.

He has a typical Nordic look; tall with blue eyes and blond hair.

His hair is straight, but behind his ears he has some small curls which look very cute.

Why do you want to be a donor:

I want to help people who are less fortunate and can’t have a child themselves.

I am glad to assist you in making your greatest dream come true Quote by Reese

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Jude Law

Donorletter (DK)

Donorletter (ENG)

To whomever is reading this,
If you have chosen to get this letter, you must have some questions about who you are, and where you come from.
Firstly, I chose to become a sperm donor because my sister chose to be an egg donor. Therefore, I knew a bit about the subject, and I realized that it was a great opportunity to help others who is not able to have children themselves.
At the time of writing this letter I am 21 years old and I attend a college of social education. My best friend - who got married last year – is also at the same college, and we are attending psychology classes together at the moment. My best friend and I are planning to start a home for vulnerable children and young people. Starting a children’s home means a lot to me because I have personal experience in living at a children’s home myself. It is important for me to help others in the same situation, and I believe I have much to contribute.
About myself: We are four siblings in my family, and I have two additional half-siblings. I have an ink tattoo inspired by native nature.
My taste in music is wide; I love rock and pop.
If you wish to meet me and get to know more about your genes, I will be available of course, and I will do my best to answer the questions you might have.
All the best wishes
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