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Penn Badgley

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Hey biological son/daughter

It’s a weird thing to write a letter to multiple people who don’t exist yet. So forgive me if the direction of this seems… weird.

Enjoy life and try to see what you are capable of. Never stop growing. Once you do, all is lost. Honesty is extremely important. But only be honest if you think it is helpful. That takes practice… which means mistakes, haha.

Keep filling your life with experiences and write in a journal to sort your mind out and reflect occasionally. I haven’t read my journaling much but it really sorts the mind. This feels like a broad journal way.

At some point, earlier than you think, you’ve done too much research. Stop formulating the perfect plan and making excuses. ACT!

Life is about what you do, not what you plan and you grow from exposing yourself to the world and its uncertainty.

I probably won’t get through to some of you with this. A lot of us are really good at rationalizing.

I won’t give my health advice because you will have better research than me but have a physical hobby. Stress your body and make it use its natural processes.

I apologize that this is super prescriptive. I don’t want to be overly patronizing. I just want to fit in a lot of info. in a small space. No sources, sorry!

Keep searching to find out who you really are and how you fit in this world... and stay optimistic! Even if the pessimist is right they generally make the world a worse place.

They also like to call themselves, realists. You don’t need to lie to yourself to be optimistic. Just focus on what you can improve.

Meditating helps with all of this. I use “Waking Up” App.

Hope your parents are cool and understanding and able to share some of what they appreciate about the world. Hope that we can preserve some of its beauty for you.

Probably could say more but this feels like a nice place to end.

Break some bad stuff, build some good stuff.
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