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Donor type Donor's decision in 18 years

About Dixon

Dixon has green/brown eyes and dark brown hair. He is 177 cm in height and weighs 75 kg. He describes himself as a happy and competitive person. He works with IT and Communication.


Eye colorBrown/Green
Hair colorDark Brown
Height177 cm
Weight75 kg
Education Engineering and Technology
Blood typeA RhD pos
Race Caucasian
Reported pregnancy Yes

Staff impression

Donor Dixon is such a charmer. You get at really good impression of his personality when you look at his smiling face in some of his childhood pictures.

Dixon is a sportsman, and almost all kinds of sports come easy to him. He is an excellent football player and has won the Danish junior championship in skiing.

A character trait that is remarkable about Dixon is his winning instinct. He is quite competitive in almost everything he does which has given him many victories, also in his professional life.

On top of that he is very much a methodical person, always calm and composed. He seems well-considered and positive towards life and his environment.

The altruistic attitude to other people has always been a natuaral thing in Dixon's family. Apart from being a sperm donor, Dixon is also a blood donor together with his sister and mother.

Dixon has a very strong and masculine look, and his always smiling eyes instantly makes people around him in a good mood.


Why do you want to be a donor:

It’s something I thought about quite a while. I think everyone has the right to have children, several of my friends got kids and I can see how they thrive by- and love their children. A sense I think everyone deserves, and I would really like
to help with that.

All my life I have always made a special effort to help others, and I consider becoming a donor a true honor Quote by Meyer

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Donorletter (ENG)

I have chosen to help your parents creating you. I know that they will take good care of you, and that they deserve to have you. Because everyone is entitled to get the chance, and if your parents need my help, it just indicates, how great a wish they have, having you.
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