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Hey Kiddo
A bit awkward to write a letter to a child that has not been born yet,but I will try my best.

My Cousin and her boyfriend had tried for many years to have children, and they have not yet succeeded. Therefore I took a decision to help
families which have/had difficulties having children.
There is nothing wrong with my reproductivity. Having one child and another one coming in May, makes me certain that I ‘work’.

Enough about that and a bit about me. I’m currently 24 years old, have one child and antoher one coming. I work as a fishmonger and I am planning on finishing my education as a chef within the next year. I have a wonderful girlfriend, who I love more than anything on earth.

My daughter is my life -the person that I sincerely can’t live without.

Knowing that there are families with problems that way, hurts a bit.

Everyone should have children. Even though they at times can be annoying, nothing beats having a child (or more).

I hope you have had a good relationship with your parents. If you ever have any questions, you are more than welcome to contact me.

All my love, Daley
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