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Donor type Donor's decision in 18 years

About Bright

Bright has blue eyes and blond hair. He is 190 cm in height and weighs 89 kg. Bright describes himself as strong minded, confident and social. He is studying for a master's degree in IT.


Eye colorBlue
Hair colorBlond
Height190 cm
Weight89 kg
CMV Status POS
Education Information Technology (IT)
Blood typeAB RhD Neg
Race Caucasian
Reported pregnancy No

Staff impression

Donor Bright’s personal charisma is exceptional. He radiates energy, curiosity and authority when he enters the room. His appetite for life and for new exciting experiences is striking. Plunging into new adventures and challenges is something Bright does on a regular basis. Already when he was a child, he went with his dad on a father/son trip to Canada where they went fishing and downhilling. Bright has travelled on his own across South America on a motorbike, and he has been trekking in nature as a backpacker for 2 months. He is very interested in world history.

Also, when it comes to sports and music, Bright is not afraid to try new things. He has played both handball, soccer and American football, and he is a dedicated Olympic weightlifter and cross fit athlete. He plays the bass and has performed as a DJ with turntables. He is very interested in music and loves going to concerts.

Bright does not only have an appetite for life, he also has an appetite for gastronomy and wine. Culinary cooking and dining out gives him many new tasting experiences which he enjoys. Bright is a true bon viveur.

Bright served for 3 years in the Danish army as a private first class. A period of his life that he describes as very character building.

It is our impression that donor Bright is a person you can trust, and he also describes himself as a loyal person. This shows in his relations to his friends as well. Many of them, he has known since they were children, and he is a faithful friend who would never fail because of minor disagreements. He takes challenges on the chin and obviously has leadership qualities. This makes you feel relaxed in his company.

Bright possesses the perfect mixture between a manly appearance, confidence and a boyish mind.

He is tall and looks strong with an athletic build and an upright posture. He has typical Scandinavian features and colours. The look in his eyes is intense and sympathetic.

Bright points out himself that he resembles the Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard, which is very true. Especially their facial features are similar. Bright’s body is more muscular than Alexander Skarsgard’s.

Our staff members find Bright very likeable, and they think his smile, his pearly white teeth and his dimples are very cute and charming.

Why do you want to be a donor:

Primarily, because I have family that have had difficulties in conceiving and through them watched how hard it has been, and how happy they have become after they finally had their daughter.


All my life I have always made a special effort to help others, and I consider becoming a donor a true honor Quote by Meyer

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Alexander Skarsgard

Donorletter (DK)

Donorletter (ENG)

First, I would like to congratulate you on the baby.

I myself have family members who have had difficulties conceiving, and I have experienced how much sorrow and frustration it causes.

I am very happy to be able to contribute and give your family a start in life.

I hope you will stick together in good times and bad. I hope you will share the love that I have always experienced in my own family.

I wish you all the best.
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