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ICI – (self-treatment)
Excl. VAT

The units are specially designed for self-treatment without a Doctor’s Assistance.

No ID-release, min 1 ml, 20+ mio. mot. cells249 €
ID-release, donor’s decision in 18 years, min 1 ml, 20+ mio. mot. cells399 €
ID-release, min 1 ml, 20+ mio. mot. cells499 €


IUI – (treatment in a clinic)
Excl. VAT

No ID-release, 0,5 ml, MOT20+ per ml.299 €
ID-release, donor’s decision in 18 years, 0,5 ml, MOT20+ per ml.449 €
ID-release, 0,5 ml, MOT20+ per ml.549 €


Donor Sperm Storage Fees
Excl. VAT

3 months45 €
12 months155 €

Pregnancy Slot
Excl. VAT

Gives you the right to use the donor for one or multiple children in one family

Sweden, Finland, United Kingdom, Austria,  Switzerland and Norway (Barnrett)445 €

Shipping – Nitrogen LN
Excl. VAT

EuropeDenmarkOutside EU
 Durability 7 days215 €80 €
 Durability 14 days315 €220 €510 €

The price includes return of the tank

If you have any questions about our prices, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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