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Newton studies to become a doctor, and we believe that patients confidently can put their lives into his hands in the future – Newton seems trustworthy and competent.

Donor Newton’s look is typical Northern European. He has a sporty, well-proportioned body build. Newton has a special Viking-Bohemian look that resembles the look of Brad Pitt when he was younger and had long hair.

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18 years
Knight has completed a bachelor degree in Asian and Japanese Business, Language & Culture, and he has lived and studied in Japan to fully get to understand Japanese culture and way of life. At the moment, he is studying to obtain a master’s degree in Diversity & Change Management and a master’s degree in International Management.

Let’s be frank, donor Knight is one of the most attractive donors in our entire donor catalogue. His looks reflect the two sides of his personality very well. He looks like the perfect mixture of a Hugo Boss model and the 1950’s iconic actor James Dean.

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18 years
Russell has a university degree and occupies a management position. He is head of a section at the Municipality’s Office.

Russell has 2 children of his own, and when he talks about his children it’s apparent to everybody that he is a good and loving father.

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Green is training as an engineer, and he specifically targets a managerial position in his future career. With his disciplined and methodical manner, we do not doubt that he will succeed.

Green leads an active lifestyle and is always up for an adventure. Exploring and discovering new and different activities and sports is something he really enjoys.

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18 years
He studies History and Arabic at the university. Donor Shelton has a good head for money matters, and his flair for good investments has made him quite well-off at a young age.

He has the most harmonious character – nothing can knock him out of course. He remains calm and with mental capacity no matter what happens.

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I have chosen to help your parents create you. I know that they will take good care of you, and that they deserve to have you. Quote by Dixon

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