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Professionally Martin is a successful businessman; he works as a business development manager. It is apparent that he has leadership qualities and is used to take responsibility. The staff finds him intelligent and very self-sustained.

It is no secret that Martin is very handsome with his businessman look, his masculine features and his muscular, athletic body.

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18 years
Donor Miles is a purposeful and ambitious man. Despite his young age, Miles already has a management position in a big international company within the retail business.

Miles possesses a strong creative energy, and he is very interested in decorating and styling. This also reflects in his always trendy clothing. He dreams of being able to combine his creative skills and his managerial skills in his future career.

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It is obvious that Lucas has achieved great success in his professional life. He is highly committed to his job as a project manager in a big company within the food and beverages business. In connection with his job, Lucas travels a lot. Lucas holds a trusted position, and he loves the responsibilities, challenges and adventures his job implies.

He is very thoughtful and reflective, and at the same time he possesses good social competences. Lucas is a great listener, always responding with big relevance and involvement.

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Dawson is a doctor with a Ph.D. He travels around the world working as a doctor.

Being a doctor he can appear very authoritarian but through meetings with our staff, his true softer inner side is revealed.

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18 years
Donor Russell is an very intellectual person. He is head of a section at the Municipality’s Office.

It’s obvious that he has leadership skills. He has a university degree and occupies a management position. Russell is a well-balanced and relaxed guy. He is eloquent and radiates self-confidence. Russell seems mature and ambitious.

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I can't save the world on my own, but I can help in this situation, and I am very proud of that. Quote by Wallace

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