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18 years
Ray is a very talented sing and songwriter; he plays the guitar and sings his own songs. Both Ray’s parents are doctors, but he wants to go in another direction in life. He dreams of building a career as a musician, and he is planning an education at an academy of music.

The staff is sure that he will reach his goal as he seems quite focused and has a great charisma.

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18 years
Banks is a creative soul. He has a musical talent and loves expressing himself through music.

Banks studies rhetoric. No doubt that Banks is an intelligent individual who is very serious about his studies, and his life in general. His professional goal is to become self-employed and to run his own business.

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Walker is creatively gifted, and he enjoys expressing himself through singing, playing music, acting and drawing.

Walker is a unique person who we will always remember. A character that leaves an indelible impression. Becoming an open donor is a well-considered decision for Walker who is well aware of the obligations it implies.

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Lyon is also very passionate about music, he has decided to dedicate one year to playing music before he starts his university education. At the moment, he works as a musician in a band where he both plays the bass and the trumpet.

Lyon has planned to study social anthropology at the university – an education where top grades are required to get accepted.

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I would like to help people to become parents. I have two children myself and bringing up children is the core of life, in my opinion Quote by Russell

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