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There is an electrifying aura around donor Butler. He is very strong both physically and mentally and almost looks like a Viking with his steel blue eyes, blonde hair and very muscular body.

Butler studies to become a physiotherapist and is interested in the human musculoskeletal system.

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18 years
Dixon is a sportsman, and almost all kinds of sports come easy to him. He is an excellent football player and has won the Danish junior championship in skiing. He was also on the Danish junior national team in skiing which has given him many good experiences.

A character trait that is remarkable about Dixon is his winning instinct. He is quite competitive in almost everything he does which has given him many victories, also in his professional life.

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Neuer is an excellent BMX rider – among the best freestyle BMX riders in Denmark. It has cost him blood, sweat and tears to reach this level. Neuer possesses an inspiring self-control and self-discipline. He is dedicated, and he lives strictly according to his own principles. For instance, he never touches cigarettes, alcohol or sugar.

Neuer goes his own way, and does not let himself be tamed. An extremely cool guy with a wonderful, compelling charm.

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Scott exercises 6 days a week (Thai boxing), and his body looks fit and healthy.

Scott is intelligent. He got good grades in high school and people around him encouraged him to go on to a university. So, he started at the university (mathematics) where he also did very well. However, he missed the social life and the contact with other people, and therefore he decided to become a school teacher instead and started at a teacher’s training college.

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In line with his wish to study physical education, Clooney is really fond of physical activities himself, and he does sports or workout everyday which is clearly visible. He appears slim with muscles, and he has a nice athletic appearance.

If you are looking for a kind-hearted, loyal, ambitious and attractive donor, we can give Clooney our best recommendations.

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My brother and his wife had troubles conceiving. This caused us to talk about the topic in general, and it made me realise that I wanted to help other people, who are in the same situation as them. Quote by Stuart

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