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When you decide to create a family through donor conception a lot of questions naturally arises. We have gathered some information about donor rights and other law matters that is important to consider during the process.

  • It is a fundamental precondition for the donor’s donation of donor sperm that he cannot be considered or judged to be the legal father of the donor children resulting from his donation.
  • None of our sperm donors can assume paternity under Danish law, and our donors have waived all rights to paternity to any donor child regardless of donor category.
  • Neither donors in the categories “ID-release” and “ID-release, donor’s decision in 18 years” nor “No ID-release” donors have any legal responsibilities for children born from their sperm.
  • Neither donors in the categories “ID-release” and “ID-release, donor’s decision in 18 years” nor “No ID-release” donors are allowed to receive any information about the identity of the recipient or the donor child at any time.
  • Our donor definitions do not mean that the donors are unidentifiable at any time. As donor sperm is a DNA-material, we cannot guarantee that donors, recipients and donor children cannot be traced via DNA-registers and maybe otherwise in the future.
  • If your treatment is to take place at a clinic, we advise you to always check beforehand that the clinic is allowed to treat you with the donor category you have chosen.
  • In some countries, it is mandatory to disclose the identity of the donor (ID-release donors) to clinics and authorities before or in relation to import or treatment. SellmerDiers will disclose the identity of the donor to clinics/authorities to the extent that it is statutory in the country in question.
My brother and his wife had troubles conceiving. This caused us to talk about the topic in general, and it made me realise that I wanted to help other people, who are in the same situation as them. Quote by Stuart

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