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When you decide to create a family through donor conception a lot of questions naturally arises. We have gathered some information about donor rights and other law matters that is important to consider during the process.

  • None of our sperm donors can assume paternity under Danish law, and our donors have waived all rights to paternity to any donor child regardless of donor category.
  • Neither donors in the categories “ID-release” nor “No ID-release” donors have any legal responsibilities for children born from their sperm.
  • Neither donors in the categories “ID-release” nor “No ID-release” donors are allowed to receive any information about the identity of the recipient or the donor child at any time.
  • Our donor definitions do not mean that the donors are unidentifiable at any time. As donor sperm is a DNA-material, we cannot guarantee that donors, recipients and donor children cannot be traced via DNA-registers and maybe otherwise in the future.
  • If your treatment is to take place at a clinic, we advise you to always check beforehand that the clinic is allowed to treat you with the donor category you have chosen.
  • In some countries, it is mandatory to disclose the identity of the donor (ID-release donors) to clinics and authorities before or in relation to import or treatment. SellmerDiers will disclose the identity of the donor to clinics/authorities to the extent that it is statutory in the country in question.
It is my wish to become a donor because I want to help people, who are having trouble starting their own family. It would be a unique and beautiful experience if someday I got to meet a person, who I once helped create. Quote by Holmes

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