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A No ID-release donor has actively chosen that he does not wish his identity known by the donor child. He is therefore non-contactable. Thus, it is not possible for the child to contact the donor at a later point in time. It is important that you keep this in mind when choosing which donor category is right for you.

A No ID-release donor profile contains basic information about the donor, including eye color, hair color, height, weight, etc. In addition, the profiles contain an indication of the staff’s impression, so that you can form a picture of who the donor is. Some No ID-release donors have agreed to show baby photos. These will also be displayed in the profile.

Once the donor has chosen to be No ID-release, he has agreed not to contact potential donor children, just as you agreed not to contact the donor upon purchase. It is important to us that you respect that the donor has chosen to be non-contactable. We wish to protect the privacy of our donors.

No ID-release, max. 25

For some of our No ID-release donors*, our maximum limit of 25 families worldwide applies. This will be indicated in the donor profile if this applies for the donor in question. Read more about our limitation of maximum 25 families worldwide here

*This condition applies to all donors in the previous category “ID-release, donors decision in 18 years”

I’m sure that you will be the right parents and give the little new baby, love, care and all opportunities in life. Quote by Armstrong

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