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When choosing a donor without ID-release it will not be possible to learn the identity of the donor.

The donor cannot be contacted by the recipient or the donor child. The donors are registered under a fictitious surname such as Palmer, Bieber, Sullivan etc.

We provide the following basic non-identifying information about the donor:

  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • Eye colour
  • Hair colour
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Blood type
  • Profession/Education

It is not possible to get a donor profile in this donor category, but you will have access to a short description of our staff’s impression of the donor and a look-alike picture of a celebrity that the donor resembles.

If the donor has agreed to it, you will have access to a childhood photo of the donor.

For more information, please read Donor Rights, and other law matters and our Terms of Agreement.

I would like to become a donor because I like the thought of helping families that are not capable of having children themselves. I like the thought of making a difference in the world. Quote by Robb

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