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ID-release donors have agreed to allow SellmerDiers to release their identifying information to the donor child once he or she reaches the age of 18.


The contact can only be obtained upon the donor child’s request. Neither a parent, nor the donor may initiate any contact.


The donors are registered under a fictitious surname such as Nichols, Thompson, Hayden etc.


In addition to the basic information about race, ethnicity, appearance, blood type and profession/education, we provide a donor profile consisting of 8-15 pages of personal information about the donor.


The donor profile includes the following information:

  • Donor history
  • Family circumstances
  • Interests
  • Hobbies
  • The donor’s personality and view of life is thoroughly illustrated by several personal questions
  • Detailed information on appearance, facial features and build
  • A description our staff’s impression of the donor
  • Photos of the donor from his childhood
  • A look-alike picture of a celebrity that the donor resembles
  • A handwritten greeting from the donor

Procedure when the donor child reaches the age of 18:

  • The donor child may contact SellmerDiers and request ID-release. The donor child must document that he or she is a result of donor sperm from the donor in question. If in doubt, SellmerDiers may demand that this be confirmed by a DNA test.
  • SellmerDiers will make all reasonable efforts to contact the donor informing him of the request.
  • SellmerDiers will disclose the donor’s identifying information to the donor child after which the donor child can make contact him-/herself. This information may include: Donor’s full name, date of birth, donation location, last known address, or email.
  • ID-release donors have agreed to a minimum of one in-person meeting of minimum one hour with any offspring once he or she turns 18. However, the contact can also alternatively be made by e-mail, a written letter, a telephone call etc. The form and extent of the communication will be determined by mutual agreement between the donor and the donor child. After the initial contact, the donor is not obligated to additional contact or communication.
  • If the donor has passed away, the identifying information of the donor will not be disclosed to the donor child.
  • The donor child will be required to sign an agreement to not share any of the donor’s identifying or contact information with other donor children and to accept that the donor may not be regarded as the donor child’s legal father. SellmerDiers reserves the right to deny access to the donor’s identifying information if the donor child does not sign the agreement.
  • A small administration fee must be paid by the donor child to cover the costs of facilitating contact between the donor child and the donor and of determining whether the donor child is a result of donor sperm from that donor (possibly DNA test).
  • The procedure of ID-release may be different, if national legislation stipulates another procedure.

We do our very best to make the contact between donor and donor child a meaningful experience. However, we cannot guarantee it, and there may be circumstances out of our control that can make the contact between donor and donor child difficult or impossible.


For more information, please read Donor Rights, and other law matters and our Terms of Agreement.

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