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We know that it is a big decision to choose which donor to use for your treatment. At SellmerDiers you can choose between donors in 2 different categories:
ID-release and No ID-release. Common to both categories is that the donor has voluntarily chosen which type of donor he wishes to be.

It is important that you acquaint yourself with the legislation of your treatment country before choosing the donor category. There may be rules that determine which category you can use. If you have the slightest doubt about which category is right for you and treatment country, we are always available to guide you. You can contact our customer service via e-mail or by phone +45 20 55 65 95

When you purchase donor sperm from SellmerDiers, you obligate to not to try to track down our donors – neither on behalf of yourself nor your children. If you have chosen an ID-release donor, children can contact us when they reach the legal age for contact request, and we will then assist them in the process of making contact.

It is important to us that the donor has voluntarily chosen the donor category on a well-informed basis. Before being approved as a donor, he therefore receives thorough guidance and comprehensive information from our skilled donor coordinators.

Read more about the donor categories ID-release and No ID-release in the menu to the left.

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