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In some countries, it is required by law that sperm banks operate with pregnancy slots for each donor. See the list of countries below.

The number of pregnancy slots per donor is limited to the specific country’s national quota of families or children per donor. The donor sperm may only be sold to customers in combination with a pregnancy slot.

This is how it works at SellmerDiers:

  • With a pregnancy slot, you obtain the right to give birth to several 100% genetic siblings (a family) with the donor, or to give birth to one child with the donor – according to the national regulations -as long as the donor is still in stock.
  • You must purchase a pregnancy slot as well as sperm units for your treatment. Please see Prices.
  • You must report every treatment outcome to SellmerDiers in the Pregnancy Slot Report Form or by sending an e-mail to salg@sellmerdiers.dk:

o   Positive outcomes must be reported no later than 14 days after the pregnancy is clinically confirmed by ultrasound scanning performed by a healthcare professional, and again no later than 14 day after you have given birth.

o   Negative outcomes must be reported to SellmerDiers no longer than 14 days after the treatment

o   By placing an order on a pregnancy slot, you give SellmerDiers permission to contact you or your treating clinic directly to receive information about treatment outcome.

  • If the fertility treatment with the donor has not resulted in a child and you want to stop the treatment or switch to another donor, we offer:

o   To buy back the pregnancy slot at 100% of the original purchase price or to exchange the pregnancy slot for a pregnancy slot of another available donor free of charge.

o   To buy back or exchange unused sperm units stored at our facility. Please see our Unit Buyback Policy and our Unit Exchange Policy.

  • The pregnancy slot is for the exclusive use of the purchaser and may not be transferred or resold to others.

To be sure that the donor is still available for you throughout your treatment as well as for siblings later we recommend that you purchase sperm units before your treatment and store them in a storage account at SellmerDiers. Please see Donor Storage Account.

Pregnant slots are statutory in these countries:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Finland
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
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