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SellmerDiers donors are real persons
Sperm banking is a huge industry, and sperm has become a commercial product. At SellmerDiers we look at our donors in a human perspective. It is very important to us to get to know our donors well, and they are like friends of the family. Each of our donors is a human being with a unique personality and many special talents, and we can vouch for every single one of them.

SellmerDiers donors are altruistic
Our donors give the greatest gift you can ever give. The great majority of our donors have become donors because they want to help others, and they have given it a lot of thought. Many of our donors are also blood donors.

SellmerDiers donors are skilled
A large percentage of our donors are Danish students of higher education. Some have already made a career. Most of our donors are dedicated to sports, arts or music. Some of them are engaged in it on a professional level. A common feature is that they are all skilled in their field and dedicated to what they do.

SellmerDiers donors are not mass producers of donor sperm and children
SellmerDiers is among the few sperm banks in the world that set a worldwide maximum of families per donor.  It is important to us that our ID-release donors have a fair possibility to live up to their commitment to a personal contact with every single donor child in 18 years.

SellmerDiers donors are supermen when it comes to sperm quality
We guarantee that our donors have sperm of the highest quality. SellmerDiers is the first sperm bank worldwide who is using the SDI-test for screening of sperm DNA integrity in all donors. Damage of sperm DNA will have a major impact on the donor’s fertility despite good sperm quality measured by other parameters such as concentration, motility or morphology. Furthermore, sperm DNA damage implies that there is an increased risk of de novo mutations in the donor child. Such mutations may lead to certain malformation (ie. cleft palate), mental illness (i.e. schizophrenia or autism) or childhood cancers (i.e. leukemia).

To minimize the risk of such adverse effects and to ensure the highest possible fertility we are using the SDI-test.  If the DFI (DNA fragility index) is above 15%, the possibility of a successful pregnancy is significantly compromised and the miscarriage risk is increased.  All donor applicants at SellmerDiers are screened with the SDI-test and candidates with a DFI above 15 are rejected.

SellmerDiers donors are rigorously screened for genetic and infectious diseases

All our donors are carefully selected, screened and medical tested. Our infectious and genetic disease testing standards exceed the regulations set by the Danish Health Authority and the EU Tissues and Cells Directive. Our laboratories and procedures are licensed by the Danish Patient Safety Authority.

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