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We offer donor sperm specifically suited for the different types of fertility treatments.

  • IUI: IntraUterine Insemination
  • ICI: IntraCervical Insemination

IUI sperm units can be used for all types of fertility treatments, whereas units for ICI are suited for vaginal inseminations or in cases where your clinic prefers to process the sperm themselves.

When you are doing research on a donor, you will be able to see how many ICI and IUI units we have in storage on that specific donor in the donor list. When you order donor sperm, you will have to decide on whether it has to be ICI or IUI.

Below, there is further explanation about the difference between ICI and IUI and which treatment each of them is best suited for.

IUI sperm units

  • IUI units are primarily prepared for treatments where the donor sperm is inseminated directly into the uterus (IntraUterine Insemination) at a fertility clinic.
  • In our laboratory, we process the donor sperm so that the natural sperm tissue along with the dead, unusable sperm cells and other cells are removed, to which we add a preservative that makes it possible to freeze the sperm but also provides the unit with the optimal pH.
  • When your clinic receives the IUI units, the sperm is ready for use, and does not need further processing before insemination. The donor sperm is placed directly into the uterus during ovulation by passing a catheter through the cervical canal. Through this procedure, more sperm cells can reach the egg in the fallopian tubes and consequently more sperm is available for fertilisation.

ICI sperm units

  • ICI (IntraCervical Insemination) are used for vaginal insemination, where the donor sperm is placed high in the vagina, close to the cervix. ICI units contain all the natural ejaculate fluid and cells. The cervix and cervical fluid will only let the highly motile sperm cells into the uterus and fallopian tubes, just as it would through natural intercourse.
  • ICI sperm must be washed at the clinic before being used for intrauterine insemination as only the sperm cells can be placed inside the uterus. Otherwise, unwashed sperm placed directly into the uterus may cause severe allergic reactions.
  • Please note that when an ICI unit is purified by the clinic the quality (MOT) will drop. Therefore, we advise you to discuss with your clinic which unit type is best suited for your treatment before placing the order.

What does MOT mean?

  • MOT indicates the amount of motile sperm cells, meaning forward-moving sperm cells. MOT is an acronym for Motile Total. MOT is often measured in millions per ml. (mio/ml).
  • Our laboratory manufactures units with the amount of sperm cells that are optimal for the specific type of treatments performed using ICI and IUI units respectively. 
  • If you order ICI units, we guarantee 20 mio. forward-moving sperm cells and a min. of 1 ml. per unit.
  • Note that one unit is physically delivered in either 1, 2, 3 or 4 vials depending on the amount of motile sperm cells per vial.
  • Our IUI units contain 0,5 ml. and are found either as MOT5+, MOT10+ or MOT20+ per ml. They respectively contain a min. of 2.5 mio. moving, forward-swimming sperm cells and a min. of 10 mio. forward-swimming sperm cells. 

How many units should I order per treatment?

  • For IUI:

Before you order, we recommend that you ask your fertility clinic for advice about how many and which units you should order. Our recommendations for the specific treatments are as follows:

For IUI treatment you ought to order a minimum of 1 IUI unit MOT20+ or 2 IUI units MOT10+ per treatment.
For IVF and ICSI treatment you ought to order 1 IUI unit MOT5+, MOT10+ or possibly 1 IUI unit MOT20+ per treatment.

  • For ICI:

For using ICI units you ought to order a minimum of 1 unit that will be MOT20+. We guarantee a minimum of 20 million sperm cells in all per unit, which will either be in 1 vial or divided in 2-4 vials.

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