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At SellmerDiers Sperm bank we prepare the donor sperm so that it is specifically suitable for the different types of fertility treatments.

We offer two different types of donor sperm: ICI units and IUI units.

When you are searching for a donor, you will be able to see how many ICI and IUI units each donor has in storage. When ordering donor sperm, you will have to consider whether you need to have ICI or IUI.

Below, you will find a further explanation of the difference between ICI and IUI, as well as which treatment each unit is most suitable for.

ICI Units
ICI units are specially manufactured in our laboratory for self treatment.

In ICI units we retain all the natural fluids found in an ejaculation. The natural fluids in ICI units contribute to the better motility of sperm cells so they can easily swim into the uterus and fertilize the egg, just as it would with intercourse.

ICI is an acronym for the fertility treatment known as IntraCervical Insemination. With this treatment, a syringe is used to inseminate the donor sperm vaginally. ICI-units must not be used to inseminate directly into the uterus (IntraUterine Insemination).

IUI Units
IUI units are prepared for treatments where the donor sperm is inseminated directly into the uterus. IUI units are also suitable for IVF and ICSI treatments.

In our laboratory the donor sperm is processed so that the natural sperm fluid is removed and a preservative is then added in its place.

IUI is an acronym for IntraUterine Insemination, which means insemination in the uterus. IUI, IVF and ICSI treatment may only be performed in a fertility clinic by a doctor or another experienced health professional.

What does MOT mean?
MOT gives the number of motile sperm cells, this means the moving, forward facing sperm cells in a donor sperm unit. MOT is an acronym for “Motile Total”. MOT is counted in millions pr. ml. (mio/ml). When we write MOT20+, it means there are at least 20 million forward moving sperm cells pr. ml. in the unit.

Our laboratory provides units with the number of sperm cells that are optimal for the different types of treatments performed with ICI and IUI respectively.

If you order ICI units, we guarantee MOT20+ and minimum 1 ml. pr. unit. Thus, the units contain a minimum of 20 million sperm cells. Note that one unit can physically be delivered in 1, 2, 3 or 4 vials, depending on the MOT-count pr. vial.

Our IUI units contain 0,5 ml. and are provided as MOT10+ or MOT20+. They thus contain a minimum of 5 and 10 million sperm cells respectively pr. unit.

How many units should I order per treatment?
Before you place an order, we recommend that you ask your fertility clinic for advice about how many units you should order.

Our recommendations for these singular treatments are as follows:

  • For self treatment, you ought to order a minimum of 1 ICI unit per treatment
  • For IUI treatment, you ought to order a minimum of 1 IUI unit MOT20+ or 2 IUI units MOT10+ pr. treatment
  • For IVF and ICSI treatment, you ought to order 1 IUI unit MOT10+ or possibly, 1 IUI unit MOT20+ pr. treatment.

If you have any further questions, you are always welcome to contact us.

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