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We deliver donor sperm worldwide


Ordering Deadlines
When ordering online, please choose the desired arrival date for your order. Even though you choose our Express Delivery (same-day delivery) there might be cases, especially on addresses in the countryside, where the delivery will take 2 days. We recommend that you set the arrival date 2 days before the date of the expected ovulation to make sure that the donor sperm will be delivered on time.


We kindly ask you to place your order no later than 2 working days before the desired arrival date. However, express orders are possible – without an extra charge – at SellmersDiers sperm bank. The final deadline for express orders is 11.00 AM at the day of shipment. You will receive the order the following day under normal circumstances, but the delivery time can vary depending on place of delivery and unforeseen circumstances.


Please notice, that there is no delivery on weekends and public holidays.


Ordering from sperm storage
Once you want to receive units from your sperm storage, you can easily order these via our website.


Please follow this link, once you want to receive units from your sperm storage.


The nitrogen tank
As a general rule we only deliver donor sperm in nitrogen tanks. The sperm units are packed in a small container inside the nitrogen tank, which is placed in a transportation box. When ordering, you can choose a small nitrogen tank which can keep the sperm unit frozen for at least 5 days. For an extra charge, you can alternatively choose a nitrogen tank with 10 or 14 days’ durability. Please view our prices for more information.


Discretion is a matter of course at SellmerDiers sperm bank. Therefore, we have ensured that the appearance of the package does not reveal what the package contains and where it comes from. Especially, the small tanks are discreet as they are delivered in cardboard or plastic boxes.


Return of the nitrogen tank
Inside your delivery you will find a document with return instructions. This will describe when and how to return the nitrogen tank. The attached document also contains a return label, which you must apply to the tank before the return.


The carrier will pick up the nitrogen tank at your address. Among the documents accompanying you shipment, you will find date and time of the pick-up. Unless otherwise agreed with SellmerDiers sperm bank, the nitrogen tank will be picked up between 2.00 PM and 5.00 PM.


If you are not able to be present at the pick-up time, please note that you are always welcome to deliver the tank yourself at any UPS Acces Point. If you choose to do so, please let us know, so that we can cancel the arranged pick-up.


The nitrogen tank is SellmerDiers’ property. Should the nitrogen tank not be returned to SellmerDiers within 7 days from the date SellmerDiers sends you a reminder, SellmerDiers is entitled to charge for the value of the tank, or for the rent of the tank (100 Euros per week) until returned.


We are here for you
If you have any questions about delivery, please do not hesitate to contact us by E-mail on

It is my wish to become a donor because I want to help people, who are having trouble starting their own family. It would be a unique and beautiful experience if someday I got to meet a person, who I once helped create. Quote by Holmes

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