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We always have the future in mind when it comes to everything we do at SellmerDiers. Sperm banks vary greatly in their approach to pregnancy limits. Donors from some sperm banks can have several hundred offspring, also the ID-release donors who have committed themselves to a personal meeting with the donor children. We do not think that is fair to either the donor or the donor children.

Maximum 25 families per open donor worldwide

At SellmerDiers we of course adhere to the country-specific limits that apply in the countries to which we export. But in addition, we have also set a global pregnancy limit of 25 families for those of our donors where ID release is an option. We think this is the most responsible and most fair for everyone – donors, parents and children. It is important to us that our donors have a fair possibility to live up to their commitment to a personal contact with every single donor child in 18 years.

We put a lot of emphasis on informing our donors of what is expected of them and what they can expect in 18 years. This way both parties will have a positive experience when they potentially get in contact with one another when the child turns 18 years old.

Your responsible sperm bank

Sperm banking is a growing industry, and to many sperm banks sperm has become a commercial product. SellmerDiers takes a different path. We focus on helping families grow, not on growing an industry.

Every single day we strive to be the world’s most responsible sperm bank. Responsibility is one of our most important and essential values. This is the main reason why we set a global pregnancy limit for our donors.

Last but not least: For us, it’s personal. Several of our team members are parents through donor conception themselves, which means that we can give you a very personal and compassionate guidance on your journey to parenthood.

Meet our CEO, Steffen Nielsen, in the video below.

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