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We are pleased to let you know that we now also offer MOT5+ sperm units.

Our IUI units contain 0,5 ml. and are found either as MOT5+, MOT10+ or MOT20+ per ml. They respectively contain a min. of 2.5 mio. moving, forward-swimming sperm cells and a min. of 10 mio. forward-swimming sperm cells.

Sperm units ready to order for your treatment

For treatment at a clinic:

Before you order, we recommend that you ask your fertility clinic for advice about how many and which units you should order. Our recommendations for the specific treatments are as follows:

  • For IUI treatment you ought to order a minimum of 1 IUI unit MOT20+ or 2 IUI units MOT10+ per treatment.
  • For IVF and ICSI treatment you ought to order 1 IUI unit MOT5+, MOT10+ or possibly 1 IUI unit MOT20+ per treatment.

You will find the different unit types on each donor profile, and you are always welcome to contact our customer service team at salg@sellmerdiers.dk for more information.

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