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Please meet our new donor, Walten . Every month we highlight a select donor who has warmed our hearts in an extraordinary way.

Donor Walten is 188 cm and weighs 88 kg. He has blue/gray eyes and brown hair. He is a tall, handsome guy with a charming smile, sweet face, and irresistibly beautiful curls in his dark brown, shoulder-length hair. His blue-gray eyes sparkle with curiosity and testify to his extroverted mind. Walten is also in great physical shape and therefore has a nice, muscular body. He describes himself as open, curious, and considerate.

Walten studies social studies at the university. He does not yet know which kind of job he would like to have in the future, but he is considering becoming a high school teacher or even better, to work in an organization. The most important thing for him in a future job is that he can help other people. Walten’s great wish to help people around him is not only expressed in his future dreams. He’s already doing it. In his spare time alongside his studies, he works both as a disability helper and as a mentor for young bilingual boys.

Walten’s great passion is food. He loves to spend time in the kitchen where he can go in his own bubble and cook, which at the same time creates joy for others. He is especially fond of baking sourdough bread and he also loves to indulge in making new dishes. Walten spends much of his free time in the kitchen. In addition to perfecting his cooking interest, Walten is also a big sailing enthusiast. He sails a lot and has previously thrown himself into the biggest adventure of his life so far, where he sailed around the Mediterranean and across the Atlantic for three months. 

In Walten you get a donor with lots of good, productive energy with amazing social qualities and a heartfelt curiosity about other people. With him, you can be sure that you have chosen a donor who is extroverted with great consideration for his surroundings and who loves to help other people along his way – also as a donor.

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