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One of the most important choices we make in life is the decision to create a family. If you for some reason are considering using a sperm donor on your journey to become a parent/parents there can be several factors for you to consider. At SellmerDiers, we know what really matters when making these decisions. Because we have been there ourselves. We are a small team of dedicated and caring staff members who work on securing humanity, responsibility and consideration for the individual every day. For us, our values always come first – and the business second. We have had a different take on the industry right from the time we were founded. We would like to introduce you to that here.

We have a strong base in both personal and professional experience

SellmerDiers Sperm Bank was founded in 2017 by Anette Sellmer and Liza Diers, who both have more than 10 years professional experience helping women become pregnant in their own fertility clinics in Copenhagen and Aarhus, Denmark. Anette Sellmer is a trained biomedical laboratory technician with a major in human assisted reproduction technology (IVF) while Liza Diers is a trained midwife and a parent through donor-conception herself. Read her story here. This means that the sperm bank is saturated with both personal and professional experience, which gives us the best possible basis for creating a sperm bank, where any woman or couple – single, lesbian or heterosexual – should have the possibility to achieve pregnancy. At SellmerDiers, you will be met by a supportive and nonjudgmental environment that speak to the specific concerns and wishes you may have.
Meet our CEO, Steffen Nielsen, in the video below.

Personal guidance and presence in focus

In our Sales & Customer Service team, you will meet a small team of people who are first and foremost experts in people. The entire team has educations in Master of Arts, and they speak German, English, French, Danish and the other Nordic languages. They talk to and guide our clients every single day in everything from donor selection to the different donor categories, they explain our screening processes from A-Z and answer questions about what type of donor sperm is suitable for which kind of treatment and more. Whether by email or telephone, the keyword is always presence. We meet you where you are, and we guide you all the way. You can always book a time for a personal conversation with someone from the team. We strive to provide a personalised and dedicated guidance to all our clients and to be like a trusted friend by your side on your journey towards parenthood. In addition, in our Sales & Customer Service team, we have a great understanding of what you are going through in the process of becoming a parent or parents. Many of our employees have donor children themselves. We have probably had many of the same considerations and questions that concern you right now. The entire team is ready to help you no matter how far in the process you are.
Meet part of the team in the video below.

Laboratories where the bar is set high

In our laboratories in Aarhus, Copenhagen and Aalborg, where we receive donations, our donors meet a team of experts within our field. All employees are skilled professionals with broad, scientific and clinical experience in fertility treatment, donor screening and sperm quality assessment. Our scientific approach with an additional good amount of human knowledge, is your assurance that you will receive the best quality donor sperm. No detail is too small for our team of laboratory technicians and molecular biologists, all of whom work to ensure that all donors live up to our high standards in terms of health status, sperm quality, physique, personality and characteristics. Read more about our screening process here.

Anette Sellmer, founder, says:
“We assure the quality of our donor sperm in several different ways, since sperm donation concerns both the person who donates, the quality of the sperm and that the quality persists, for example during shipment.
All donors go through a long admission process, where we check the sperm continuously by counting the number of sperm cells in a microscope. We also carry out freezing tests of the sperms. This is very important, because some donors may have a fine sperm quality, but their sperm cells do not survive being frozen at -196 degrees. For the donor, this means that he can make a woman pregnant, but unfortunately, we cannot use him as a donor because we freeze all donated sperm. In addition, all sperm samples go through a control count, both before and after the freezing. In this way we ensure a good quality and that we only select the very best donors into our program.”

We know our donors

Last but not least, our donors are of course also an essential part of the sperm bank. It is very important to us that we have a thorough knowledge of our donors, their personality, interests and special abilities. We prioritise getting to know them well before they can join our donor program. Only 3% of all donor applicants get through the eye of the needle. We know that personality and inner values are extremely important parameters when choosing the perfect donor match for your family. As part of our screening, we prioritise interviewing the donors several times. The donors we select are all young men with sympathetic traits with diverse personalities and abilities. They are all unique and each has something special to offer, which our donor coordinators in the laboratories carefully select. You can find a summary of our very personal impression of each donor in the “Staff impression” for each donor here to give our customers the best possible conditions for choosing the right donor match.
Meet Sacha, one of our donor coordinators here.

We set a worldwide pregnancy limit per donor

Finally, it is important for us to mention that every single day we strive to be the world’s most responsible sperm bank. Responsibility is one of our most important and essential values. As one of the only sperm banks, we set a global pregnancy limit for our donors. Of course, we adhere to the country-specific limits that apply in the countries to which we export. But in addition, we have also set a global pregnancy limit for those of our donors where ID release is an option (in the categories ‘ID release’ and ‘Donor’s decision in 18 years’). We think this is the most responsible and most fair for everyone – donors, parents and children. Read more about our different donor categories here.

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