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There are numerous good reasons to store sperm for possible future use, and more and more choose to do so. At SellmerDiers, we provide optimal and secure facilities for both short-term and long-term sperm storage.

What are the reasons behind creating a storage?

The most common reasons are the following:

  1. Donor storage: You purchase donor sperm from one of our donors, and you want to store it for future use.
  2. Known donor storage: You want to use a known donor who is not your spouse or partner and want to store his sperm for future use.
  3. Personal storage: You need to store your own sperm for the future use of your spouse or partner due to medical issues or if you have a high-risk occupation.

Donor storage

We recommend that you purchase sperm units before starting your treatment and store them in a storage account:

  • To ensure that your donor of choice is available for multiple cycles, until you become pregnant
  • To avoid having to change donor in the middle of a treatment
  • To ensure the possibility of having genetic siblings in the future

Read more about how to create a donor storage here.

Known donor storage

SellmerDiers provides optimal and secure testing and storage options and facilities for those of our clients that have decided to grow a family with a Known Donor.

To ensure the safety of the recipient and the offspring in the best possible way, Danish law requires extensive screening and testing of Known Donors that are similar to the screening of the donors in our donor catalogue. You can learn more about this procedure under Screening. However, a known donor’s sperm quality, regarding e.g. sperm count and thaw ability, can be somewhat lower than that tolerated for the donors in our donor catalogue where the sperm selection criteria are extremely high. This may result in lower pregnancy rates compared to the donors in our donor catalogue.

It is our experience that the use of a known donor requires clarification of more medical, legal, social and familial issues and dilemmas than using a donor from our donor catalogue. Therefore, we highly recommend that both the known donor and the recipient obtain appropriate legal, medical and psychological assistance prior to implementation of the known donor procedures.

Before we begin the known donor sperm collection and storage process please contact us for further information, and we will send you the required paperwork by e-mail. Once all the required paperwork has been filled out by both the recipient and the known donor and returned to SellmerDiers, please make an appointment for screening/testing and setting up the account.

Personal storage

A personal sperm storage account is a simple, accessible and affordable option if you want to preserve fertility. Men or couples often choose to store sperm if they are concerned that a medical issue or an injury will leave them infertile.

We recommend a personal storage account for:

  • Cancer patients and other patients who are facing treatment that might decrease their fertility. If you are facing the possibility of chemotherapy, radiation, hormone replacement therapy and other medical or surgical procedures that could impact your future fertility.
  • Vasectomy Patients. As a way of keeping your reproductive options open in case you change your mind.
  • Clients with occupations that put them at a “high risk”. For example, Military Personnel, Police Officers, Firefighters, High Impact Athletes, Workers in X-ray environments who are in high risk of testicular injury or death.
  • Transgender Clients. Clients who are about to undergo a sex change operation or treatment who want to keep their reproductive options open.
  • Clients who have difficulty producing a sample on the day of fertility treatment. For example, when timed inseminations or IVF treatments are required, or simply due to scheduling conflicts.
  • Clients who have a low sperm count or a deteriorating sperm quality. For instance, due to advancing paternal age.

Please contact us with the specifics regarding your situation so that we can assist you choosing a storage plan that is right for you.

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