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At SellmerDiers, we offer all our customers pregnancy slots free of charge.

Our Customer Service department will make sure that the pregnancy slot will get assigned to you and you do not need to do anything further.

We adhere to the country-specific limits that apply in the countries to which we export.

But in addition, we have also set a global pregnancy limit of 25 families for those of our donors where ID release is an option. We think this is the most responsible and most fair for everyone – donors, parents, and children.

You are welcome to contact our customer service department for a dialogue at at any time.


  1. paige.wilson46 says:

    What is a free pregnancy slot?

    1. Helle says:

      The legislation that governs the amount of families to which a donor can contribute, otherwise known as pregnancy limits, differ from country to country. In order to ensure that these pregnancy limits are respected, some sperm banks require that you purchase a Pregnancy Slot. A Pregnancy Slot gives you the right to use the same sperm donor for multiple children, thus ensuring that you can use the same donor sperm for potential siblings. We do not charge for this as you can see in the above communication.
      All the best,

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