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A year ago, we opened our fourth department in Denmark – in Aalborg to be exact. With this addition of Aalborg to our sites in Copenhagen and our headquarters in Aarhus, we can offer a greater selection of donor profiles and in this way help more families grow. Despite of the current COVID-19 situation, we have been able to recruit a dozen (and still counting) fantastic new donors already. Please meet our donor coordinator in Aalborg, Kirstine, who would like to tell you a little bit about the donors and her interaction with them.

With that, we are immensely pleased to introduce the first three of our new donors from Aalborg.

Testa, every mother-in-law’s dream

Donor Testa is 195 cm and weighs 72 kg. He has brown eyes and light brown hair and studies geography at the university. He describes himself as an outgoing, smiling person, who loves to venture into new challenges.

Leone, helps an elderly person get up after a fall on the street

Donor Leone is 180 cm and weighs 101 kg. He has blue eyes and dark blond hair and studies to become a physiotherapist. He describes himself as a happy, warm-hearted, and caring person, who has humor and loves to learn new things. 

Mazza, participated in modelling contests as a child

Mazza is 188 cm and weighs 87 kg. He has blue eyes and dark blond hair and studies sports management. He describes himself as a quiet guy with big dreams and ambitions, who is friendly towards everyone.

Vouching for our donors, both medically and personally

All our donors are carefully selected and go through an extensive approval procedure according to the rules laid out by the Danish Health Authority, the Danish Patient Safety Authority, the EU Tissues and Cells Directive and SellmerDiers’ internal standards.

Our experienced team of health professionals, laboratory technicians, nurses, doctors, and specialists in clinical genetics work together during the selection and screening process to make sure that all accepted donors meet our high standards regarding health, sperm quality, physique, personality and character. Only 3 % of all donor applicants get through the eye of the needle.

Please meet Nanna, our laboratory scientist in Aalborg, who here explains our thorough screening process.

Learn more about our screening process here

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