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Have you considered storing your sperm for future use?

By having the foresight to store your sperm before it is too late you can secure your future family.

A personal sperm storage account is a simple, accessible, and affordable option if you want to preserve fertility.

Men or couples often choose to store sperm if they are concerned that a medical issue or an injury will leave them infertile.

We recommend a personal storage account for:

  • Cancer patients and other patients who are facing treatment that might decrease their fertility. If you are facing the possibility of chemotherapy, radiation, hormone replacement therapy and other medical or surgical procedures that could impact your future fertility.
  • Vasectomy Patients. As a way of keeping your reproductive options open in case you change your mind.
  • Clients with occupations that put them at a “high risk”. For example, Military Personnel, Police Officers, Firefighters, High Impact Athletes, Workers in X-ray environments who are in high risk of testicular injury or death.
  • Transgender Clients. Clients who are about to undergo a sex change operation or treatment who want to keep their reproductive options open.
  • Clients who have difficulty producing a sample on the day of fertility treatment. For example, when timed inseminations or IVF treatments are required, or simply due to scheduling conflicts.
  • Clients who have a low sperm count or a deteriorating sperm quality. For instance, due to advancing paternal age.

Please contact us with the specifics regarding your situation so that we can assist you choosing a storage plan that is right for you.

You can also have a look at our storage package here.

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