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The SellmerDiers Sperm Bank is receiving a lot of orders from the UK. According to Danish law, an authorized healthcare person must take the responsibility for the traceability of the sperm units, which are sent to private house holds for self-treatment.

This process is ensured by a so-called shipping authorization form, which must be signed by an authorized healthcare person. Your main task will be storing documents safely. You will function as the connection between the Sperm Bank and the customers based in the UK.

You will carry out the work from home, and the working hours come with great flexibility. You will always stay in close contact to the SellmerDiers Sperm Bank, and it is always possible to get help, should you need it. Also, the job comes with an attractive salary.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, in case you are interested in the above position. You can reach us under salg@sellmerdiers.dk or 0045/20556595.

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