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We welcome you to SellmerDiers’ Clinic Webpage

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free login to get full admission for you and your customers to our online donor profile catalogue.

With a clinic admission, you and your customers get access to the extended profiles of all our donors, including baby pictures, a handwritten letter from the donor, look-alike pictures, descriptions of health, personality, appearance, hobbies, employment, education, family history and our staff’s impression of the donor.

With a login, you can also order donor sperm, register pregnancies and check up on possible restricted and limited donors prior to a treatment.

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About SellmerDiers

  • Our staff are caring and skilled professionals with broad and long-standing scientific and hands-on experience in fertility treatment, donor candidate screening and optimizing sperm quality.
  • At SellmerDiers we take sperm banking personally. We take pride in our personal, prompt and always attentive customer service.
  • Our donor sperm prices are stable and transparent.
  • Our laboratories are licensed as Tissue Centers by the Danish Patient Safety Authority according to the EU-Tissue Directive 2004/23/CE, 2006/17/EC and 2006/86/EC allowing us to process, preserve, store, distribute and export sperm.
  • We are licensed to deliver donor sperm to all countries both inside and outside the EU. We ship promptly worldwide by courier in a sealed and safe dry ice package or in a nitrogen tank.

About our Donors

  • Our Donors are rigorously screened for genetic and infectious diseases – Our infectious and genetic disease testing standards exceed the regulations set by the Danish Health Authority and the EU Tissues and Cells Directive.
  • Our Donors are tested for DNA fragmentation to reduce risk of abortion and mental illnesses – We use a pioneering SDI-test to screen the DNA quality and fragmentation in all donor sperm. A high DNA fragmentation in the donor sperm can cause an increased risk of mutations, resulting in abortions and mental illnesses in the donor child. We reject 25 % of the applicants that have passed all other testing are rejected, only because the DNA fragmentation in their sperm is too high.
  • Our Donors are reel persons – not mass producers of donor sperm At SellmerDiers we look at our donors in a human perspective, not as a commercial product.
  • Our Donors are skilled and likable individuals – A large percentage of our donors are Danish students of higher education, many of them dedicated to sports, arts or music. The donors we pick for our program are all young men with likeable character traits, and at the same time their personalities are multifarious.


I would like to help people to become parents. I have two children myself and bringing up children is the core of life, in my opinion Quote by Russell

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