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We provide a flexible buy-back policy that gives you the opportunity to return units which are stored at SellmerDiers, in case you should not need them after all. In specific cases you can exchange donor sperm in our storage free of charge.

For units in our storage the following conditions apply:


  • We guarantee to buy back your unused sperm units within 0-36 months of the original purchase date at 75% of the original purchase price. It is a condition that the units have never left the SellmerDiers storage facility.
  • SellmerDiers does not allow the original purchaser to transfer or resell sperm units in storage to others.
  • Our buy-back policy also applies to donor sperm units from donors that have reached national pregnancy limits or SellmerDiers’ worldwide pregnancy limit.
  • Prepaid storage fees will not be refunded.


  • We offer to exchange donor sperm units stored in the sperm bank’s storage free of charge if your donor is put into either quarantine or permanent blocking:
    • You can exchange your donor sperm units to units of the same sperm type (IUI to IUI and ICI to ICI) from another donor of your choice in the same donor category.
    • Prepaid storage fees will not be refunded.
    • For all other exchanges of donor sperm in the sperm bank’s storage, you must sell back the sperm units to the sperm bank at 75% of the purchase price and then make a new purchase.

    Our buy-back and exchange policy is subject to change without notice.

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